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In 2008, we had the wonderful opportunity of hosting our very
first Sons & Daughters of the Apostle Reunion in the beautiful
city of Charlotte, North Carolina.   In the first year, the saints
came from eleven different state to be a part of this great move
of God.  We even formed a Crusade choir made up those who
were original members.  It  was a beautiful and refreshing
experience to see so many faces that we have come to love and
appreciate over the years.  In 2009, we did it again and it was
truly glorious.  It was an opportunity for us to see what God was
doing with those whom the apostle had invested in over the
years through his ministry.  Our motives were pure and God
move in a profound way!  

A conference for 2010 is not slated in our immediate future,
however, we will savor the experience until God tells us it is time
to do it again!  And yes, we will obey.

Pastor C.R. Johnson was the Assistant Pastor of the
Tabernacle of Prayer For All People for many years.
Then in 1979, Johnson felt leading of the Lord to start
his own ministry in Brooklyn, NY.  A good many of the
saints that lived in Brooklyn left Jamaica Tabernacle
and joined his new church called Brooklyn
Deliverance Tabernacle.  Pastor Johnson and his new
congregation hosted their services in the Masonic
Lodge in Brooklyn, and eventually  purchased their
present building  which is located at 600 Lafayette
Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.
Due to his declining health, Pastor Johnson  passed
away in 1987, and the ministry was released to Bishop
James Copeland who also passed away years later.  
The church is presently under the leadership of
Apostle William J. Denson.
On last Fall, the BDT Choir came together to
host  a reunion of their own.  Many people came
together from various states to celebrate their past.

An Overview of Reunion 2008-2009
in Beautiful Charlotte, NC
Evangelist Clara Garner of NY along with Evangelist
Linda Richardson of Charleston, SC sings "Yes
Jesus Loves Me" at the Reunion Banquet in 08.
The Sons & Daughter Reunion was about bringing
people together who have not fellowshipped in years.
(L-R) Bishop Nathaniel Edwards, Apostle Ira Davison &
Apostle Lawrence Bogier
Bishop Nathaniel Edwards, Apostle Ira
Davison, Bishop Angelo Brown, Pastor Johnny
E. Brown & Apostle Lawrence Bogier
The saints looking on as the word of God is
being delivered.

Hebrews 13:1

"If I depart this life please promise me that you all would
love one another and stay together"  
The words of Apostle Johnnie L. Washington to his pastors