Apostle Johnnie L. Washington

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"Keeping The Legacy Alive"

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Apostle J. L. Washington is a
fellowship consisting of those who
were a part of a dynamic ministry
under the auspices of the late Apostle
Johnnie L. Washington, Founder &
Pastor of the Tabernacle of Prayer For
All People church located in Jamaica,
New York.   

The Sons &  Daughters Fellowship
seeks to bridge together individuals,
ministries and those who were blessed
and inspired by the life and legacy of
this great leader, the late Apostle J. L.

This site was created to commemorate
the life and legacy of Apostle
Washington.  It also serves as a
celebration of the various ministries
and churches that were birthed and
established around the world as a
result of his passion and influence.

"We Shall Never Forget"
Man's extremities are God's opportunity,
and what the doctors cannot do it
is just right for God!
"Embracing A Fresh Perspective In Ministry"